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does anyone have any tips on making a sound enclosure for an air compressor?


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It's funny, because I am planning on doing the same thing for the compressor being delivered to my house in a few days...I have some egg crate foam I was going to use for sound dampening...but would like input from others as well, astro.

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Hey guys.

I'm working on my design for this but I have a question about the video.

It looks as if the section above has a maze of MDF to deaden the sound. But then the entire area is covered with foam. Does that mean he doesn't have any venting whatsoever? I would have imagined that you'd need a flow for air to escape (even if it's a convoluted path)

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It just seems like a lot of work and materials when they make quiet compressors that aren't that much more expensive.


Yeah, that's a really good point...the only other thing the noise enclosure I hope to build will accomplish, is that it will make the compressor more mobile, and have tool storage.


I intend to make a air compressor cart, that will have sound proofing in it...but, I guess you can purchase a quiet one with wheels, and make something quick and dirty for accessory storage.


Aside from Harold's Rolair, does anyone else have some quiet compressor recommendations?

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If you look the front louvers are the air intake that's why he has all the baffles in it so help reflect the sound waves he added a "bottom" to it so he could put foam there also. I hope I kind of explained the idea.

I see where the air vents are. But it looks as if there is a foam barrier between the compressor and the vents that are in the top half. I would have assumed that this would have been a no-no.   If it's not a problem, then I'm home free on this project.


As for a quiet air compressor, I've never seen any of the available in Canada and since I've already bought my compressors, I'm out of luck.


Since I work in theatre I'd like something that can roll around the stage while there's often a dozen or so people tying to communicate to each other. So if I can take that sound down a bit, I'll be pretty happy.

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