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Air Compressor Question


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This is going to sound like a stupid question...


I just received an air compressor I bought off of Amazon (reconditioned).




The compressor is kind of scuffed up, and one wheel didn't roll right (all reviews said wheels sucked)....but the tanks had some air in them.


I released the air from both tanks, and on the bottom one, it spewed out what appeared to be mud!!! I have pics on my phone, I even videoed it just to document it...has anyone ever heard of that???


I'm almost thinking that the tank was submerged, and collected dirty water??? I turned the compressor on and off a few times, and the mud spewed out of the top tank a little as well....not sure what to think....I think I'm going to return it...for $97 w/ tax I shouldn't get a compressor full of mud.

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I had my eye on another porter cable one, but this caught my eye b/c it was listed for $75 and had the wheels + .2 SCFM more at 90psi...


The price jumped when I ordered it, and I just said whatever...


Needless to say, I'll probably save my $ for the porter cable. But, I'd like some more input from others on what the hell is coming out of this thing!!!

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Definitely rust and maybe oil? The color is odd. I find it strange that even a lot of the five stars state there were problems. The best compressor five stars for sure. Oh it leaks a little but that's ok. Like they don't know any better.

As long as the compressor builds pressure, doesn't leak, and shuts off before blowing the relief valve it should be ok. Amazon is always good about returns.

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Yeah, it really sucks, because it seems like a well built "value" compressor....


you're not going to be doing auto body work with it...but for filling tires, and the occasional nail gun use, this seems like the perfect fit.


It built pressure VERY quickly, and is already mobile (I was going to build a cart w/ sound proofing)...so this compressor made that requirement partially obselete.


I'm disappointed, but at least like Red pointed out, Amazon is good about returns, and I'll be able to use the $$$ for something more decent.


This is the one I really wanted:




Anyone have any luck/info on that compressor?

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I've got that compressor; it came as part of a nail gun kit I bought from HD.


It works well, builds pressure fast, recovers quickly, but it is LOUD. When I was nailing some trim I had to leave it in the garage and run the hose into the house under the door.

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