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I knew that this day was coming I have put this off as long as I can. I was sitting in my office going over some upcoming jobs and I can feel someone standing behind me. I turn around and there is the better half with that look. Let me give you some background before I tell you the rest of the story. The houses we live in belong to my wife before we got married. This beast was built in 1914 and by the time I got here it need a ton of work and we have rebuilt about 80% of this place, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms over the last ten years. The last project was our bedroom all that is left is a hallway, my office, bathroom, and a bedroom. So I ask is there something you want and then out it came you need to finish this place so we can move to the beach. I said ok but I have some jobs that I have to do and I have that surveying instruments class on Saturdays that starts next week and that runs until May. Her answer was that’s fine you can start then and don’t take any jobs till you finished. I guess I know what my spring and summer are going to be like. Here are some pictures of our bedroom after I peeled back everyone else’s work lots of sanding and wood bleaching.


post-4245-0-72734200-1390793091_thumb.jp post-4245-0-64277500-1390793092_thumb.jp post-4245-0-78176100-1390793093_thumb.jp post-4245-0-74029500-1390793094_thumb.jp post-4245-0-80121700-1390793095_thumb.jp post-4245-0-61433900-1390793090_thumb.jp

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Polying all that is gonna be a pain in the ass !

Are you selling out, or just buying a second home ?


Yes it is a pain and no we are not buying a second home owning one house is bad enough . We want to move to Lewes Delaware it's about 15min from the ocean.


That's something else Regopit. I love the exposed wood work. Beautiful stuff man.



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That's interesting, that's something you never see here in southern california.

What are you planning on doing to it?


That room is done. I have the hallway, full bathroom and two bedrooms to gut. I'm not sure what I'm doing in the bathroom but the others will be striped back to the framing and walls set back to expose the beams, new hard wood flooring the list goes on and on.

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We all know how women love to change their minds and my better half is the Queen of let’s do this instead. Sunday she was in the kitchen looking out into the yard and I could tell something was coming. I said what are you looking at.


The pool and the tiki bar and was thinking instead of doing the upstairs we should just build something permanent  over the bar.

Okay by we you mean me and secondly why.


We use it from the second week of May until sometime in October and I know you are getting tired of replacing the cover every time a branch falls through it and I think that yard would look nicer.


Okay, that is what I’m going to do no more changing your mind and if you want to help you can stay out of the way.




post-4245-0-93522500-1391626867_thumb.jp post-4245-0-66015600-1391626869_thumb.jp post-4245-0-96830600-1391626868_thumb.jp post-4245-0-64388800-1391627039_thumb.jp

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Hahaha Regopit. My better half wants a HUGE yard redo this spring with NE gardens, fences and a couple of pergolas. I'm actually (of course I'm sitting on my arse in front of my pellet stove all toasty and warm after moving a foot of snow) pretty stoked about it as I am almost done with my entry way remodel.

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I have a bad habit of going to yard sales second hand stores etc. and buying remolding and home improvement books. I don’t care how old they are they are good reference books. I have one wall in my office floor to ceiling 14 foot wide filled with these books and, when I see the wife going through them I know something is up because she hates home improvement.


What are you looking for?


I know you said I could not change my mind but I am. We are doing the second floor so where are the bathroom books?


On the shelf marked Bathroom or the one you have your hand on.


So that was around noon today and I have spent the last 6 hours going through remodeling books and on line getting prices. The only good news is I have been given the green light to but whatever tools I need when I go to the Festool Connect.

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Will I'm a fan of all good tools. I have had my green track saw for 8 or 9 years so I may replace that and now that I'm getting older and thinking more about my health a dust extractor system is in order. As for other tools I will look to see what they are all about their sanders routers and the domino have caught my eye. As for getting them home on the plane I not even sure you can buy anything there. If anything I will deal with the local dealer not far from my home. I know that I will not buy it all at once I will stretch it out looking for some type of deal. The one thing I have found out about Festool is the price you see will be the price you will pay from their catalog to on line dealers to local store fronts the price is the same.


The wife and I where talking about how we are lucky that we are patient people and have been able to put away money to do what we want to do with out taking out any type of loan.  

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That's what I'm doing now. I put away whatever I can in my tool account and when the time is right blam-o! Also I'm with you, I'm thinking the Domino is next. I got the Midi with the RO90 sander. After my TS55REQ that is the best set of tools I have. Period.

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I've been on a hand tool binge the last year. Man, I've bought or acquired so many hand tools it isn't even funny. I'm to the point now that I'm buying seldom used specialty tools and shit. Ordered a pneumatic rated pickle fork set and a Bearing & Race Driver set from Tooltopia last night.

I'm pretty damn sure I could go to work as an auto tech and not have to buy a single tool.

I need to pick up some power stuff, but I just love hand tools so damn much.

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