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Wiha Precision ESD Screwdriver Set


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My wife works for the local Community College and a byproduct is super great health insurance. No Obamacare in our house! Recently our health provider sent a survey, in exchange for taking the 10 min long survey we earned $25 each in Amazon credit. My wife took the survey for me. :)

I made a deal with her, I traded my $50 gift card to Express for her $25 Amazon credit. I had to throw in a message to seal the deal. Some of you may be thinking, she got the better of the trade, but remember you can’t buy tools at Express.

Now the only question is what to buy… Influenced by the many electronic projects I have in various stages of disarray, I opted for a Wiha ESD Precision Screwdriver Tool Set.

What the hell is ESD? Well, you know when you walk around on carpet in your socks and you touch someone to give them a little shock? Thats some Electro Static Discharge right there.It kills intergrated circuits and will really piss you off when trying to troubleshoot.


ESD screwdrivers are really just screwdrivers with a conductive handle.




Wiha is well known to engineers, undoubtedly at some point in their career a tech or engineer has used the red and black handled Wiha. (Yello for ESD) Made in Germany, Wiha has earned its reputation for quality.

I ordered the Wiha - Wiha 27390 - Precision ESD 7Pc Set Slotted &  Phillips Bonus Pack With FREE Wiha 40010 - Magnetizer/Demagnatizer




The drivers are flawless. The tips are hard and hold their point. They won't mar up your screw heads or deforme.




The handles are comfortable and operate smoothly. The yellow cap ontop is firmly attached yet spins freely. The size selection for this set is good.

Slotted: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.5

Phillips: #00, #0, #1


Really you wouldn't want anything bigger than the included sizes in a precision screwdriver as it would be hard to generate enough torque for large fasteners


The included Magnetizer/Demagnatizer is a treat! Its nice to be able to magnetize your tips when you need to get a small screw in a tight spot. I did notice the tips magnetic properties linger even after using the demagnatizer, however noticeably weaker.


So overall I am very happy with my new screwdriver set and am excited to eventually expand the collection to include nut drivers and torx!



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I teach Arduino, I have a environmental sensor array project I put together. Uses the Grove product line from SeeedStudio. They gave me a bunch of products to test out. I'm going to automate the greenhouse at my wife's college with this project.

I have built a media server with the pi and set up my brother in law with a pi as a web server.

I also have a few projects using the PIC micro and a few with mbed's. I love embedded engineering and automation!

At work I'm using a PIC32 to develop a DSP for an audio amp

Do you play with the arduino?

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The Wiha micros are nice. You made a wise choice. They have a big 50 piece master tech set that has just about every micro driver they carry. It's like $275 or $350 for the ESD set. I don't need them THAT bad, but if I worked on electronics I'd have it.

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Those all sound very cool!!! The pi media server sounds slick. So you teach audrino. That's slick also. All of the sounds so slick. I have not dine anything with audrino or pi or any breadboards. I know a bit about them and have always wanted to do stuff with them but haven't taken the leap. Have seen sooo many cool things made with them. My brother has done some some really slick things. I always think about doing something but have all these other projects. Anyway I'm really impressed.

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