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Question about play in Bosch impact driver collet


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I recently purchased a combo kit that came with a 12v Bosch PS41 impact driver.  I have noticed there is some play in the collet after I insert a bit. 


Once the bit is inserted and locked, there is some in-and-out play.  I can slide the bit about 1/8" in-and-out.  The bit is from a Dewalt impact-ready nutdriver set, but I've read reviews where people had the same issue with different branded bits (don't have this issue on my old Dewalt impact, it locks snug with no play).


Should this be a cause for concern?  It kinda makes the tool feel sloppy, but I think I can get over it if it wouldn't be a cause for possible damage/malfunction. 


It'd be really nice if I knew there was a bit set that would work without any play, but I don't want to take the chance and purchase anything that would have the same issues as my current bit set.




Originally posted that I had 3/16" of play.  I measured and it's 1/8" of play.  Also uploaded a video to youtube for reference.  


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Thanks for the reply.  I actually did try the bit on the display models, and it had the same amount of play. Even had the same play on the 18v Bosch impact. 


The combo kit even included some Bosch bits, and they also have the same play.


I know I'll be pushing as I drive any screws/bolts, and that should help with the play, I've just never had this issue before.


Thanks again.


EDIT: Just chatted with someone from Bosch customer service.  After explaining the situation, he stated the following:


Eugene: I will be more than happy to assist. This is the function of the locking sleeve, it does not hold firm in the locking sleeve.

Visitor: Would this be a cause for concern for possible damage/malfunction?

Eugene: No cause or concern, this does not affect the tool performance.


I finished the conversation by stating I never had this issue with my Dewalt impact, and I wanted to be sure it would function properly.

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3/16" is quite a bit. If you say the store models are the same then its no big deal. I tested to see what my m12 and m18 impacts and they get a bit over an 1/16" of play using the same dewalt rated impact nutsetter bits, I don't see how the other dewalt bits would be any different but used a nutsetter to be sure

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A little play is a good thing but that might be too much. I heared of people having impact bits that get stuck in the bit holder its usually from bits that deform under the pressure and torque of the impact driver.They have ramped up the torque these things make but some bits can't handle it.

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You know Delphonic, I used to have that gun and noticed a little play. I did have some slight forward backward movement but no rotational movement. I never noticed a problem with driving and actually used the tool quite a few times but switched to the M12 Milwaukee kit. I always used Dewalt impact bits and still do. Not a fan of the bits, I just have several left.

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