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Primitive Entertainment Center - Part 2


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So after building the entertainment center a couple years ago Mrs. Conductor decided she wanted a new one.......women.

So for the last 4 days I've been held up in the shop working on the new one. It's a bit different than the old one. I figure another 3 days and it'll be done.

I'm on my mobile right now, but I'll post some pics in a day or so.

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Well, I didn't get a chance to snap as many pics as I'd like, but here is the progress thus far.

The pile of lumber from which it came


I got to this point before I was like "Damn! I forgot to get a pic!"


This is it all together with the exception of the doors.


On the last one she was into the star cutouts. This time around she wanted something a little classier. I routed a square channel into them which I believe will look very nice when done. Simple, yet a little fancier than the stars.


It will be flanked on each side by book/DVD shelves 2' w x 6' H meaning this baby will cover 8' of wall space. More pics to follow as things progress.

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Looks real sweet. Did you use a template to route out the doors?

Thank Harold. No, I just clamped a 2x4 over it to use a a guide rail. Routing is my biggest weak point. Edges are easy, but this inset stuff is pretty new to me. I really need a plunge base router, but oh well.

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Sorry for the lack of pics, but I've been really busy lately. Finally got everything painted, distressed, and stained. Tomorrow I will poly the top of the TV stand and hang the doors. The bookshelves have doors for the bottom portion as well. So far it has turned out very nice I think.




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I want to do something that's more conducive to a flat screen the current stand is for an old tube TV so it has way more depth than it needs too have.

This one is 17" deep and 50" wide on top and I didn't use any ply wood. The TV is thin. It's a 55" flat screen and measures 48-1/2" wide, but I have to make it deep enough to hold all the other shit.

Got it poly'd and hung all the doors today. I'll put it in the house tomorrow and share some pics once it's in place.

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I wouldn't mind making a tv stand that mounted to the wall like a shelving unit the only hard would be is making it look good. I have a phobia about exposed wires. That's they one thing about wall mounting a tv is where do you put all of the av equipment.

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