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Festool Connect Event


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Don't worry Nicholas, it's well spent. I've found if you spend good hard earned money on good tools it's worth it. And I really wanted to go too so I could comment on it. Sorry guys, no can do. I got an email today and was like "crap...Going to Florida :("

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Man I am really envious Regopit.I hope you have fun and get some cool swag! I am going down to Florida on the 17th to visit my parents so unfortunately can't go. I think Norm Abrams will be there so if for anything else it should be pretty cool. I'm already scouting my next tool and am looking at the Domino. I can't see getting a new router, I've got a PC and my Milwaukee and love them both but the demos they are advertising sound pretty sweet. All in all my investments so far with Festool has been phenomenal. I can't get over how well the dust collection is. It blows my mind away and the quality is unbelievable.

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Got a email the other day and this should be a good time


Hello Carroll,


You are receiving this e-mail because you have responded to our tool research survey and are planning on attending Festool Connect.  You indicated that you are available the afternoon of Thursday, March 20th to participate.  You will miss part of Festool Connect to participate in this research, but you will still receive the freebies we are giving out that day. 


The research we are conducting is for mobile tablesaw solutions.  We’ll present a short presentation and solicit your feedback.


The meeting for this research is in Room 554B, which is adjacent to the Festool Connect event.  We’ll escort you to the room for the research.


Thanks again for participating in this project to help shape the future of Festool products.


See you Thursday!




Rick Bush


Festool USA

Tooltechnic Systems, LLC

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Had a great time sitting in the airport to head back home. Got some cool free stuff and got their 18volt work light for being part of the focus group. will post some pictures after I get home.  Chris check you mail up top

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