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Festool T15+3 Drill Kit Review


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So, I have been wanting to do a quick review of my Festool T15+3 drill kit but hadn't really had much trigger time but after finishing off a quick and easy coat rack in my rear entryway reno I wanted to put in my two cents on this slick machine.

T15+3 Kit at a glance:

I bought this on the Festool clearance event at Woodcraft (my local store is thirty minutes away in Portsmouth NH). The kit comes with Festool's Systainer, four very unique chucks, two 3.0ah lithium batteries, charger and several different bits and drivers. The T15 is a brushless drill with electronic controlled clutch (unbelievably high quality), two speeds, drill and drive functions, battery indicator, on board magnetic bit holders, two way belt clip and a very soft rubbery grip. The tool is incredibly light and comfortable to hold. The drill is surprisingly compact.

T15+3 at work:

Well, I'm not a contractor. I let everybody know that. I am a home owner learning a lot about general contracting and love to woodwork. I have an M18 Fuel Impact for driving lags. This is not for that. It's surprisingly powerful, it is a 15v system, not an 18v so don't expect this thing to do what your M18 Fuel drill driver will do. But if you need to bore through wood with a paddle bit or drive deck screws your not going to be disappointed. The batteries can be used in Festool 18v tools but not vice versa.

So with all that being said, I made this cool little coat rack. Just some trim wood and some antiqued hooks. I routed the edges and screwed the hooks on with my T15. Then I realized I made a boo boo. Even with my extra long, six inch drive extension in I couldn't get in to unscrew one of my hooks. Then....duhhhh. Oh yeah there's a right angle chuck. Freakin' awesome. Save me a ton of time and the need to do patch work because of a stupid mistake I made. I put the right angle chuck on, added the centrotech chuck and removed the hook in a surprisingly tight area.

In closing, this is an awesome tool. It's powerful, the electronic clutch is amazing, the batteries last. It's comfortable and it comes with a standard keyless ratcheting chuck, the Centrotec chuck (essentially a hex driver like that on an impact, works with Festool bits, pain in the butt but easy to remedy with a general driver to accommodate standard bits), Right Angle chuck (literally just that) and an Eccentric Chuck (for corners and tight areas such as drawers). The LED light is barrel mounted so you run in to the same shadowing effect on the Milwaukee but it is really bright and throws off a real wide bright pattern. This drill is incredibly useful and expensive but it does the job of several different drivers and makes it so much easier when doing cabinetry.

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That drill is so cool. It is leading the way in features. Like when I was reviewing the dewalt dcd995 I started wondering to myself, when will we start seeing fully electronic clutches with a dial like the one on the m12 and m18 right angle drills? And then I take a look at your review and BOOM! there it is, it's already been done. Kudos to festool.

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Thanks Harold. I've got another review on the Carvex coming soon, but I'm heading to Florida tonight for vacation to visit my parents so it'll have to wait a bit longer. I'm getting the Ti15 (Impactor next). That's going to be a fun tool to use, I'm doing a huge exterior reno this spring and summer and it will get a lot of use along side the awesome tool.

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