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I will say that is one area Milwaukee has really ignored for the most part right now is the rise of  modular tool storage solutions. I know Dan dropped some rumors awhile back that they are working on it which is nice too hear, but when is it going to be released is another story. Dewalt has two, Bosch has the Lboxes, Festool has systainers, and I heard Metabo has a solution out now . The only ones that are left out right now is Makita, Milwaukee, Ridigid, and Hitachi. I'm trying to compare tool companies at a pro level.

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I would love to see more manufacturers include stackable cases with the tools like Bosch and Festool do. I believe Dewalt has packaged some of their tools in modular storage cases in the UK, but I haven't heard if they plan to do that here. Makita actually has stackable boxes, but they aren't available in the states either. http://www.makita.fi/makpac.html.

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Milwaukee is strange like that they sell routers, but don't sell a table saw. They sell a miter saw but no pneumatic nailers or even cordless ones now. I know Milwaukee suffered some serious neglect during the Atlas Copco era. They were not getting enough r&d money back then to compete with the emergence of Dewalt as serious power tool brand when they acquired Elu for the cordless tool line. You also has Bosch and Makita and Porter Cable competing in the pro tool market back then. TTI really turned Milwaukee around into a serious player in cordless power tool market they really haven't updated the corded tool lineup in awhile though, but they really don't need too they are all pretty solid performers nothing has really changed with corded tools some corded tools are getting brushless motors too but its only a few tools.

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