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Milwaukee battery question


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Are these two batteries interchangeable?


I basically want to know if the smaller battery (the one without the base) will fit in the Milwukee 12v rotary hammer. All of the photos show it with the larger battery. Not sure if that's just so it will stand up on its own or if that specific battery has to be used...



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I wonder if theres any drop in performance if you use a smaller capacity battery?


I don't have any xc packs but theres a very noticeable difference between lithium ion and red lithium packs on my m12 jigsaw. I'm not sure if theres a difference between redlithium compact and xc packs. On certain m18 tools theres a gain in using xc packs in performance

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I know there is on the dewalt 20v line. The big impact was a good bit slower with the compact 1.5 ah battery vs the 4.0. It is probably similar with milwaukee on high amp draw tools.

Havent noticed any difference in my 20v tools in power with the 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0 batteries. I have 2 1.5 batteries, 4 2.0, 3 3.0, and 4 4.0 and always swamp them around never noticed any power difference in any tool.  I have the brushed impact driver, both brushless model impact drivers, dcd 985 hammerdrill, dcd 995 hammerdrill, reciprocating saw, skil saw, oscillating tool, nailer, rotary hammer, etc. and dont notice a difference in any of them power wise obvious difference in run time.

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