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The DCD950 will now be replacing the DC925. So we decided to do a few comparisons, and a small test. From top to bottom DEWALT has changed the DCD950 in almost every way. It is much smaller, only 9 1/2" front to back vs 10 3/4" on the DC925. Height is about the same at 7 7/8". DEWALT has added a bright switch LED light similar to the DC827. The grip handle is slightly smaller, and has an inset, two piece rubber grip that extends the full length of the handle. With the DCD950 shorter in length, and improved ergonomics. The DC950 has a better feel and balance than the DC925. During our test the DC925 was front heavy and could not stand vertical with a 2 9/16" self feed bit in the chuck. The DCD950 did not share the same problem. However both were tested with Lithium Ion batteries which have a much smaller base than the traditional XRP batteries. DEWALT has also changed the look of the new DC9180 Batteries.


DEWALT has added a dual clutch collar so you no longer need to change your clutch settings during drilling and driving mode. The DCD950 clutch ring felt a little tight to turn but had a much stronger feel than the DC925. DEWALT has also improved there Patented all metal 3 speed transmission from left to right shifting, to a front to back style. Inside,  the DCD950 transmission gear case is made of metal which DEWALT claims will help dissipate heat. The front to back transmission configuration has steel pins that positively lock each gear in place which is a huge improvement over the DC925. We found The DC925 could easily slip between gears during shifting modes, and sometimes would not lock in gear until the trigger was slightly pulled. The transmission speeds have also been changed.


DC925- 1st 0-450, 2nd 0-1500, 3rd 0-2000.


DCD950- 1st 0-500, 2nd 0-1250, 3rd 0-2000.

During our test the DCD950 in 1st gear drilled a 2 9/16" self feed bit much faster than the DC925. Using a 1" ship auger bit in second gear bogged down the DC925, but the DC950 had no problem. So this new configuration seems to have improved performance. The DC925 has 480 UWO while the DCD950 only has 450 UWO. Even though DEWALT claims the DC925 has more UWO we felt that the DCD950 out-performed the DC925 in everyway.


Another change DEWALT has made is the patent pending, flat magnet frameless motor. DEWALT claims this improves motor efficiency and allows for better heat control during use. About the only thing DEWALT decided to keep the same was the self tightening chuck which is only found on the hammer drill models. We really liked this chuck with only one down fall. During heavy applications the chuck can become so tight it can be hard to unlock. However we never once had a problem with bit slippage during our tests.


DEWALT Claims that the DC950 has 30% longer runtime than the DC925 model, so we decided to put it to the test. After running 3 different tests with a 2 9/16 self feed bit, our average runtime increase was about 33%. On average the DCD950 drilled 40 holes, while the DC925 averaged only 30. All tests were done with the Nano Phosphate Lithium Ion batteries.


Overall the DCD950 stacks up to it's claims! DEWALT has really built a solid drill, there were a few issues with the previous model DC925, but it seems all of those issues have been met. I will be adding to this review with comparisons from other brands to see how they compare up with the DCD950.


added Feb, 2nd 2009


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So are the new XRP marked lithium-ion batteries different than the "regular" lithium-ion ones? Or is it just the look?

They are the same batteries, just a new marketing strategy. In fact this is the third cosmetic change in the last 12 months on this battery. I understand that dewalt is doing away with the Nano campaign. It will now just be cal XRP-Lithium Ion. I did this test with the lithium battery, but this drill (DCD950) will still come packaged with the XRP battery.

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In terms of power... The DCD950 "felt" like it had more power. Dewalt rates the DCD950 at 450 UWO, and depending on the literature, the DC925 has 480-510 UWO. So on paper the DC925 should complete applications faster than the DCD950 based on the theory of UWO. But in this test, that was not the case. I did not time each hole drilled.

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Hi to all, I am reading about Dewalt tools, I can't find my tool DCD925, is it the same that DCD950? because I search in internet and see that the DCD950 and DCD925 is very very similar in aparece and the review of power are very similar.

for example:



Look very similar..

is it the same?

It is very interesting said that DC925KA is in left and DCD950KX is in right, because in the Subject and pictures are inverted:-D

I see one video for this:

Regards, and sorry for my english

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The DCD925L2 is the UK version of the US DCD970KL.

UK/DCD925B2 = USA/DCD970KL Drill comes with Lithium batteries

UK/DCD925B2 = USA/DCD950KX Drill comes with NiCd/NiMH

Same Drill, different model numbers depending or country, or battery packaged with it.

Thanks!!, very clear!! :-D


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New DeWalt Cordless: In a world of 18v tools, why go 20v MAX?if you've been following my recent blogs here on Toolhound,  then you've seen quite a bit of new tool news coming from the folks at DeWalt, as we just wrapped up a two day seminar that marked the launch of several new products.

You also probably read my prediction about a new line of cordless tools, which DeWalt was rumored to be calling 20v MAX. So, I had to ask, why 20v MAX when the battery voltage is really only 18v (5 cells, 3.6v each)?


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i just bought this DEWALT DCK655X kit. I undestand that

UK/DCD925B2 = USA/DCD950KX Drill comes with NiCd/NiMH

Is there anyone who can tell me what is the model for the EU or UK of these tools?

USA/DC390 XRP 18-volt =UK?

DC385 XRP 18-volt

DC825 18-volt

DC411 18-volt

DW919 18-volt

thank you

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