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This is a follow up to the DEWALT DCD950 vs DC925

We decided to do a quick comparison to the new DCD950 against a few other brands. This is one quick test to determine one possible outcome of holes drilled on a single charge. This test was done with two 2x4 studs stacked. A 2 9/16 self feed bit. All drill's set in 1st gear. Since we are using stacked 2x4's we will be counting each completed hole drilled as two. We will also share a few likes and dislikes about each tool, however that is not the purpose of this test. (Just as a side note it is not always fair to compare cordless tools sharing the same voltage, but not the same AH.)

We stared this test off with the Ridgid X2 R86111, we really wanted to try the new X3 line, but did not have one available. This drill overall had the worst balance and feel. Not a whole lot of rubber on the grip. We did like the support grip; it felt solid, with a soft feel. The R8611 however had no problem drilling through the lumber. It had a slow and steady pace from the start, but once we got into the second stud it bogged down a little. During this test the drill finished in at 20 holes then the lithium ion battery shut off. After sitting for about 10 minutes the battery turned back on, and we were able to drill another 10 holes, for a total of 30. (This is why the second photo shows Ridgid in second)


Second in line was the Milwaukee M18 2611-24. This drill had a nice grip, good solid feel, but a little top heavy. The 2611-24 had a surprisingly longer handle than the rest. It really came in handy, and gave us extra support drilling these large holes. Unlike its competitors it only has 3 different handle settings, rather than your traditional spin lock style. The battery also features a nice fuel gauge that allows you to see how much juice you have left. (Were not sure how long that will last on the jobsite) Unlike the Ridgid R8611, this drill had no problem pounding out these holes. This drill did not suffer any bogging once it hit the second stud. Slow and steady start to finish. We did notice that this drill got very hot about 12 holes in. The fan would push out an uncomfortable amount of hot air onto our hands. All said and done, the Milwaukee 2611-24 had no problem pounding out 33 1/2 holes.

Third up was the DEWALT DCD950KX. This drill also had a very nice grip, a little top heavy but evened out nicely once the battery was on. Unlike its competitors the support handle is not padded. During our test, this drill was the only drill that did not lose grip on the 2 9/16 self feed bit. However, the self tightening chuck... once the test was complete, had a tough time unlocking. Like the previous drills, the DCD950 had no problem drilling the holes. It did however drill the holes noticeably faster. We did notice that once the bit  hit the second stud, it did slow down a bit, but had no problem finishing the holes. (Side note, the holes were much cleaner with this drill, we can only assume it was because of faster RPM's) The DEWALT DCD950KX finished with an awesome 38 1/4 holes. Which was 1 3/4 less than our previous test.

Last to test was the Makita BHP451. This drill overall had the best grip, and feel. Lightweight, with good balance. It also shared a padded support grip with Ridgid R8611, and Milwaukee 2611-24. To our surprise, this drill finished dead last. It drilled each hole super slow, and left a very sloppy hole. It struggled to finish the last bit of each hole. After completing each hole, we were not sure if it would finish the next? It did however keep going... it would not stop, and certainly didn't want to give up. It finished in at modest 27 3/4 holes.


Drill Line up:

1st - DEWALT DCD950KX @ 38 1/4 holes

[glow=red,2,300]2nd - Bosch Brute 36718-01@ 36 holes[/glow]

3rd - Milwaukee M18 2611-24 @ 33 1/2 holes

4th - Ridgid X2 R86111 @ 30 holes

5th - Makita BHP451 @ 27 3/4 holes

Comparing Ah (Amp Hour)

DEWALT DCD950KX; Nano Phosphate Lithium Ion 2.2 Ah

[glow=red,2,300]Bosch Brute 36718-01 ; "Litheon" ??oxide?? 2.6 Ah[/glow]

Milwaukee M18 2611-24; Lithium Ion ??Manganese or oxide?? 2.8 Ah

Makita BHP451; Lithium Ion Oxide 3.0 Ah

Ridgid X2 R86111; Lithium Ion ??oxide?? 3.0 Ah


1st - DEWALT DCD950KX; 17.38.. holes per Ah

[glow=red,2,300]2nd - Bosch Brute 36718-01; 13.8.. Holes per Ah[/glow]

3rd - Milwaukee M18 2611-24; 11.96.. holes per Ah

4th - Ridgid X2 R86111; 10 holes per Ah

5th - Makita BHP451; 9.25.. holes per Ah

Even though the DEWALT has the smallest Ah rating, it still drilled more holes, and also more holes per Ah.


[glow=red,2,300](UPDATED 2.23.09)[/glow]

A buddy brought over his new Bosch BRUTE 37618-01. I'ts not the Hammerdrill model, but we decided to test it anyways. The bosch 36718-01 was a little heavy, but very well balanced. Had a nice soft grip, and the handle grip was also nice and soft. The light seemed to be a bit dim. Unlike the others, the Bosch had a blue light that did not put off much light. We did not have a whole lot of scrap lumber laying around, so we did not stack 2x4's like in the previous test. This drill had no problems pounding out 36 holes, passing the Milwaukee and taking 2nd place. The Bosch Litheon battery acted much like the Makita. It did not shut off, rather it died down much like a Nicad battery. Another simliar aspect, both batteries were much hotter than the others after drilling there respective holes. We noticed both chargers have a fan that cools the battery during the 30 minute charge.

Click here to see the internal specs.



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Hi, just registered.

I'm a tool geek :)

I owned entire makita LXT line (sold it) and now back to Dewalt. I have all 36v tools (except for DC901) and do a lot of comparison tests.

I use my tools daily too. I'm in canada and those new drills won't be available here for a long time, any chance any of you guys can sell me a bare tool? I have DC927 and really hate it.

Edit: if you need any info on batteries, I know a lot about every brand.


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Welcome aboard DRC-WARTEX! This site is independent from DEWALT, with no affiliations. I personally started this site, because I love there tools. One day I ran across a competitors forum and thought it would be a good idea for DEWALT owners to have there own place to chat.

As far as getting a bare tool.... Can't help you on that one. Yes the DC927 had some design flaws, and I am glad dewalt realized it, and ended it's short life.

Feel free to add your own piece on battery information, or any other review for that matter.

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I own both the milwaukee 2611-24 and the new dewalt xrp lithium ion. I first got the milwaukee and I was extremely happy with it, but I just hated the chuck. I got the dewalt one about 2 months later and I see such a difference between the two. The milwaukee seems to have just a little bit more torque, but not much at all. The chucks jaws on the dewalt stays in place as you hold your hand on it and use the drill to tighten and the milwaukees spins as fast as the drill which made it grab the bit wrong. Also it takes much less rotation to tighten dewalts chuck than milwaukees. The hammer function outperformed milwaukees. Dewalts just seems to have a tougher hammer mechanism and it has much less vibration than the milwaukee. Thats what made me buy dewalt. Although milwaukee has some bells and whistles that dewalt doesnt have, like the battery gauge (which im sure will not last some abuse) and the belt clip. But I am sure that the dewalt will last much longer with abuse. Also improves the speed of my work because I change out bits alot and the 1st gear is a tad faster. The three speeds is a plus.

What made me buy milwaukee at the time was because it had the light and dewalt didn't. I work in alot of attics where its dark and it helps alot. It had the belt clip so I can free my hands while trying to navigate in an attic. But when dewalt came out with this I had to get it. I was disapointed with the no belt clip, but I can get on at home depot for 5 buck.

So when I weigh out the pros and cons between the two, dewalt is just better.

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......I'm in canada and those new drills won't be available here for a long time, any chance any of you guys can sell me a bare tool? I have DC927 and really hate it......

Just go onto ebay.  Lots of sellers offer international shipping.  You can get new Dewalt stuff dirt cheap (by not having to re-buy the batteries, case, charger......)!  Look for the DCD950/DCD970, they are the same drill except for the batteries.  You can get the new bare drill for around $100.

I was talking to the guy at the Dewalt Service Center here, he said to avoid the DC927 drill.

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