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DeWALT DCD770KL 1/2" 18 volt Nano Kit ???


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Can anybody shed anymore light on the DeWALT DCD770KL?  I don't see it listed on the DeWALT web site, but it is listed on DewaltServiceNet.com

Is this drill built with the same kind of durable all metal parts and toughness of the new DCD950 / DCD970?

I really like the idea of the solid spindle / Rohm chuck combo used on the newer 9xx hammer drills as opposed to the conventional spindle that's drilled / threaded in the center for securing the chuck.  The solid spindle makes the tool that much more durable and significantly reduces the chance of breaking a spindle if the drill is heavily used for hammer drilling day and and day out over the years or is dropped on the chuck / spindle, etc.  Does the DCD770 use a drilled or solid spindle?

Here's some limited info on the DCD770 from another web site:

• Single Sleeve 1/2’’ Chuck - Reduces bit slippage during high torque application

• Hammer Function - Provides increased versatility for percussion users

• LED Work Light - Provides increased visibility in dark / confined spaces

• Short Length - Compact to fit into tight spaces at 8.7 inches and 4.9 lbs.

• Increased Performance - Delivers 410 (UWO) during drilling and fastening applications

• Improved Handle Design - Delivers increased comfort and provides for less user fatigue

• DeWalt NANO System - DEWALT’s lithium ion battery delivers 2,000 recharges and lighter weight

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