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Dewalt DC927 doesn't grab drill bits strong enough?


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I'm wondering if anyone experienced this...I used to have a DC988 for years and upgraded to the DC927 2 months ago. Since then I have experienced a few times that it does not hold the drill bits strong enough and if I'm drilling through a hard material it slips. I have never had this problem with the 988 and I can see that the 927 has a completely redesigned chuck. It would be sad if this redesign means it's not holding onto the bits as strong anymore.

Any feedback on this?

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....Does the DCD950/970 use the same chuck as the 927?

Yes, the DCD950/970 uses the same self tightening German made Rohm chuck (model Supra SK) that's featured on the DC927 and newer DC925's.  It was this chuck that sold me on the DC927 and it has worked beautifully for us...so far.  Hopefully a new bit resolves this and I'm curious to hear what happens when you try a new bit.

If the new bit is still slipping, then there's likely something wrong with that specific chuck and you may want to get it into your local service center.

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I have the DCD950, and after owning it for less than a year, I started having a similar problem with the chuck. When using bits with a hex shaped shank, the chuck jaws loosen up when the tool is put in reverse. This happens with screw bit holders, hole saws and hex screw holders anytime the tool encounters a little force. Not just once in a while, (I could live with that) it happens every time.

At the time of purchase, the chuck looked very impressive and help sell me on this particular drill.

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Hi - I have had my DCD950 for almost 2 years and it has been excellent.

Just recently, it has started to have a problem with the chuck it tightens ok and I can drill and drive, but whenever it needs to reverse against any pressure, the chuck un-tightens.

I have been driving tech-screws into gal posts and have had to use reverse often - everytime the chuck undes from the hex drive. I would love to know how to fix this problem.



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My DC927 chuck worked great until I loaned it to a friend who used the motor to spin the chuck tight quite a few times and ruined it. I found in the manual that tightening the chuck other than by hand can damage the Rohm chuck. I went to my local dealer and replaced the chuck with only one they were using for their repairs: a Jacobs. Drill still works great. I miss my old chuck.


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