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wingless' Automotive Carpet Cleaning Brush


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For some reason I have been detailing many family vehicles recently.


In every single case the bane of these projects was getting the carpeting clean like new. THE MOST SIGNIFICANT difficulty was getting all the dog hair out of the carpeting.


My two shop vacuums had similar results, even my new DeWALT shop vac. Both would remove everything that was visible and much that was buried in the carpet fibers, but when I returned later I would again see random dog hairs. I also used my Kirby home vacuum w/ the belt driven carpet brush, but it wouldn't get every single hair from the carpeting. A toothbrush near the vacuum crevice tool was used, again. not everything was removed.


My recent purchase of this Libman 15 Small Scrub Brush triggered me to consider using this brush on the vehicle carpeting. The bristles on this brush are VERY stiff. Boy, am I GLAD I used this brush on the carpet.


The process was to vacuum clean, probably this was the 15th time, then use this scrub brush working many different motion patterns. I tried back and forth, one direction, circular, and motion w/ the wide / narrow in both orientations.


The first time I brushed my "clean" carpeting the top surface was covered w/ dog hair. That was again vacuumed clean. 


This process was repeated many times until virtually nothing was revealed from the brushing.


The first image shows vacuumed prior to brushing. Next is a small amount of dog hair contamination after a late stage brushing. The final image shows it again vacuumed clean.



Before Brushing



After Brushing



Final Vacuuming


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