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DEWALT Chop saw D28700?


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It looks like a nice chop saw.  If I didn't already have one, I'd give it a serious look.  But mine is probably ~18 years old and still working.  It looks very similar to this DeWALT chop except mine has a straight handle, but it does have many of the other features this saw has.  I haven't used it much in the last couple years, but I used to use it almost daily when building horse corrals, round pens, etc, from oil field pipe.

Definitely check around in pricing cause they do vary in price depending on where you buy from.  I did some quick Googling and found that ImprovementDirect.com has the D28700 for $170.92 shipped.  I don't know anything about ImprovementDirection.com and simply found them via Google, so check them out very carefully just to be safe if you want to move forward with them.

Also, both Home Depot and Lowes sells the more powerful 5.5 HP DeWALT chop saw D28715 for $199 shipped and it also has the quick change blade feature.  You can get a 10% off HD movers coupon from both Lowes and HD to sweeten the deal a bit more.  You can also find this saw on eBay for $189 shipped or through Amazon for $199 shipped.

I have never used either of these DeWALT chop saws, but they look like nice tools.  Both Home Depot and Lowes offer a customer satisfaction guarantee and they might be the safest places to buy from and their price for this tool appears fairly competitive, especially if you get the 10% movers coupon which brings their price down to ~$180.

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Unless you're getting a smoking hot deal on the D28700 such as less than $150 delivered, then you definitely want to at least take a look at the D28715 chop saw at Home Depot or Lowes, etc.  I was at HD today picking up supplies and wandered over to the tool isle to see if they had the D28715 chop saw on display and they did.  From what I can tell, The D28715 has all the same features and more, including 1.5 more hose power (D28715 = 5.5 HP vs D28700 = 4.0 HP), a slightly larger diameter cutting capacity, a slightly faster wheel speed, a slightly wider base for improved stability and it offers tool-less wheel changes.  I'm a huge fan of tool-less blade / bit / wheel changes on any tool, so I really like this feature.  If I didn't already have a decent chop saw, I'd put the D28715 in my list of chop saws to consider.

Here's a quick summary of these two chop saws directly from DeWALT...

DeWALT D28700


DeWALT D28715


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Thank you for the replys, I ordered one from Toolup, (free shipping, and fair price IMO),  have not used it yet, but have always used a band saw, in the shop and setting up a welding truck and wanted some thing for the truck,  to run off the welders alternator,

a friend gave me the pickup with a welding bed on it, a 1980 ford F350 dully,  it runs reasonable,  and found a used Lincoln Ranger 9 welder, (250 amp welder,  and a 9000 amp alternator)  and put my spare torch on the truck, it is shaping up really nice, and I have less than $1000 in the complete  rig so far (not counting tank rental for the O2).

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