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Lithium battery charge problem


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I got two new lithium nano batteries and charger that come with a kit.  When I plug them in after short use, the charger flashes quickly (indicating replace pack), if I remove the battery and plug it right back in again, the charger then works normally.  So far this happen twice in a row, always after short usage.  It happens for both batteries.  Anyone have any idea what's going on here?  Should I get both batteries and charger replace?


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Hopefully someone from Dewalt on here reads your question and has a good answer because I have the same problem.    My 3rd generation XRP Lithium battery does not seem to share that same problem. Not really sure why. They should all be the exact same. By 3rd generation I mean exterior change. See photo below.

I think it's a weight issue, if I drop the battery on slow and push the battery all the way down I don't run into that issue near as often. If I drop the battery on fast and light, the red light flashes 10 times and then goes into fast flash mode telling me to replace the pack.


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