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In need of a good diagram


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Hi all, Im new here, and I would like the hoipe this is  the solution place!

Yup, I did it, I was trying to fix a sticky trigger on my DW988 Type 10 18v drill, and I dropped it while trying.  The gears came out and Ive been at it for some time and I just can't fingure out those simple 8 little gears ( I know there are more, but those were safely intact under the 4 post base, sorry not sure what to call it.  Does anyone know of a diagram that could help me.  It really seems like Im missing something cause when I put the taller set on to each post, the smaller gears just dont look like they have a home.  Any help would be great!



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JC,  The world is a better place with you in it!  I cant thank you enough for taking your time to help me.  It was exactly what I needed.  I knew I was missing something.  It was the 5 pin seat plus one gear.  I went feeling around in some hay near to where I dropped the transmission and waalaa there it was buried and infact covered with new bails.  I am so grateful of you JC, thanks kindly!

Danny in Norway

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It's the DC988 TYPE 11 XRP,what i'm having trouble with is the 5 splines/cogs component in the serrated bush,once ive placed these in,it will not turn??is it supposed to?

First of all i thought its was the serrated diameter that was back to front or something,but it wont fit at all from the flat ground end,but fits/comes through in the chamfered end ok,but will not turn at all .Thanks to your pics ive worked out most of it,but its that sub assembley that affects the rest of the fittings.

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