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Tool injection molded cases

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I have always thought this companies tools were well made and no doubt they are , but when It comes to their injection molded cases , it's like they are as cheap as a tool box bought from wish. You would think that a tool if left in its case would be moderately protected from the weather , rain in general , all though not weather tight , at least kept dry . Not the case with their injection molded cases. My bandsaw was left outside for a day and it rained for a short while , not hard , and not long . 

Case was full of water and saw was saturated . Thank you Milwaukee tools for the quality tools you make , your cases though , are amateur at best. 

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Years ago, tools came in steel cases, then we got the injection molded plastic ones.  Now, consider yourself lucky if you get a case at all.  Most tools come in a box or, at most, with a bag.  As Jronman stated, though, quality brand-name tools should come in their manufacturer's modular tool storage nowadays.  Find a good center line for not increasing the price of the tool too much while not losing too much money, and most brands could reap the benefits.


I first bought into DeWalt 20v Max in 2016, with a drill/driver kit that came in a small ToughSystem box.  Since then, I've bought many more ToughSystem components because I like the modularity and how well they protect my tools.  I've done the same with Milwaukee, buying M12and M18 kits bundled with Packout boxes.  

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It is also regional based. In North America you get either a blow molded case, a bag, or just a cardboard box. Go to Europe and most things come in modular storage or at least the option of modular storage. One thing that we do get in modular cases for some reason are track saws and sometimes laser levels. Milwaukee seems to be doing the best job with modular storage here since some blades and sockets are starting to have Packout kits available. While Milwaukee's power tools aren't in Packout cases yet it is at least a step in the right direction.

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