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Is this German Rothenberger quality?!!!


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I have paid 25 British pound for this and just look at the quality! The spot weld is very asymmetric, it seems Rothenberger has forgot there is something called quality control!!!! Good night Rothenberger!


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On 7/9/2024 at 3:09 PM, Eric - TIA said:

Wow, I am very surprised.  When it comes to quality, usually German stuff is top-notch.


I am sure these are not German made, Rothenberger does not make anything in Germany anymore it seems 

Their copper pipe cutters are made in UK, probably made by British brand called Monument. Their cordless power tools are mostly made in Spain. some of their wrenches are also made in Spain. Their cheap hand tools and accessories probably made in China, probably this accessory as well. The problem that I have with the brands is that when they move the production to Far East they claim the quality remains the same, I don't believe in that 1000%. I can give you hundreds of examples. The thing is if the Western brands want to bring the production back to the West it does not look like they can produce quality things at first and will take at least 1 or 2 decades to get the experience back and I see Westerners keep quiet and nobody almost complains! Should a Turk teach the Westerners how to complain?! :)) An example of failure of this kind was the new Craftsman production plant in the US which was removed quickly. 

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