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Compact li-ion tools and batteries


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Looks like TOOLUP has the DCK265L already for sale on their website. $279. The impact DC825 is $279 by itself with 2 DC9096 XRP NiCd batteries.

Yes it will. All 18v tools (minus certain exceptions) will fit all 18v batteries.

Update: Already a price tag up at my local HD for the compact 18v li-ion drill kit.


I can't wait till it arrives!!   :) 

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The Dewalt DC825, DC827, and DCF826 are all the same tool. However the older DC825's had a NiCd footprint. So currently the three impact drivers only have a different model to distinguish what battery comes in the kit.

DC825KA - XRP DC9096 NiCd batteries

DC827KL - XRP Lithium Ion batteries

DCF826KL - Compact Lithium Ion Batteries

This is probably why Dewalt only offers the DC825B as a bare tool in the bare tool program.

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toolup currently has the drill & the combo kit in-stock, hurry they keep running out very quickly; my kits arrived yesterday & today. I noticed they were out of stock most all week, but now there back in-stock right now.

As for prices they seemed to be priced at the same price level that Home Depot & Lowes carries them for. Only real difference is none of the large box stores have them yet (soon) plus in most cases no sales tax and free ground shipping.  So you can get them now instead of waiting and save a couple of $$ on tax.

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