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DCD760KL DeWALT OwnersGroup Test?


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Ok New to the group but have been doing so much research on a new compact 18v (lith) drill which has led me here.  My needs are a high torque small and light package...something that wont weight down my CLC toolbag too much...let alone anymore.  I currently have a 14.4v Bosch (33614) it weights just over 5 lbs, it can do 500lbs of torque but it is BIG!  And has no light.  Originally (over the holiday) a buddy of mine told me about the Makita BDF452HW, so i checked it out, Light!, Small, LED and plenty of power but build quality had me worried as well as the mess of battery problems with that Drill.  So I (originally be a Bosch Guy) decided to do the Bosch 36618-02, however I did not do my research first.  And learned that the Bosch 500 lbs of (Dynamic Torque) doesnt quite match up with the other drill in the round up, Build quality it is excellent!!!  Built like a tank...I think typical of Bosch however the inside gears from my understanding are not all metal...maybe to save weight.  But it is not the lightest drill in its class...the Makita takes that crown with the all metal gearbox.  Also the Bosch was longer..so getting it into a cabinet can be harder because of its inch longer design.  As for battery I heard go things about run time on the bosch but the length and weak torque was a deal breaker so I took it back.

I was completely set on the makita, it was priced at 179.  Not bad!  But the build quality was a worry even though the unit has a very good overall track record it was not build anywhere near the Dewalt or Bosch.  I also looked at the Milwaukee not bad but weak on torque...I do like the battery meter so you know where you sit with a charge.  If it had better torque it is in my opinion the best design of the bunch.  Like the belt hook...but weak and heavier than the Makita. I can go a month without having to pull the drill.  I cut a lot of hole saw holes.  In desk, Counters, Walls, inside cabinets and so on.  That is the biggest use.  Torque and battery go hand in hand for this application.  So to make a long story short I went with the 760 and the guys at HD gave me 50 off on it so it was 169 (they were going to do 50 off the makita as well...if I wanted it).  But my concern is Torque with the 760 and the 1.1 amp batt.  I have a 18v xrp pack but it completely defeats the size weight ratio and makes it a heavy drill again and I could stick with my 33614 if that is the case.

Has anyone here done a side by side makita vs dcd760 yet...not the 720...that is not an apples to apple comparison?  I dont want to take it back because the dewalt although heavier is built far better.  I give the motor to makita...4-pole is a better and more powerful design...even dewalt admitted to that...including bosch.  But it feels good in the hand but I am concerned about the runtime and torque.  woodworking did a nice comparison and gave the nod to the makita along with several other review sites and test but this site does the best testing.  let me know what you guys think...I have 90 days so I am not too worried but am wondering if the makita is a better pick and fit based on my needs...not to mention the 15 minute charge is really nice!  But dont think I would run into a situation were 15 minutes made a difference.   

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I've got the DCD760 (got the kit with that and the impact).  It had a bad tranny out of the box (grinding noise, funny smell) but was fixed under warranty at the service center.  Overall, I've been very impressed with it.  Lightweight and powerful.  My dad has the Makita you're talking about.  He bought it when they first came out (3 years ago maybe?) and hasn't had any problems.  I've used it a lot too, and I'd say you can't go wrong with either.  Between them I'd say it's all personal preference. Dewalts are built like a tank, but the makita has a better balance so it probably depends on what you use it for.

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