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New DCD970KL?


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I bought a DCD970KL from Home Depot as a gift. When I opened the case, I was a little surprised to see the detatchable plastic handle, its associated metal ring, and bolt just thrown loosely in the case, sitting on top of the drill. The two batteries were the only things in the case in bags. The drill itself and the battery charger were not in bags.

As a result, the "new" drill is somewhat scuffed and beat up. Is this how Dewalt's drills are normally packaged? I know this is a tool and it's going to get beat up. If I was buying this for myself I wouldn't even be posting this. But the person I'm buying this for is pretty picky about new stuff.

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Thats the way it is. Dewalt drills are made for a very tough life on jobsites so why should they put the drills in plastic bags. I can not see the reason for that.

About the handle, proberly it has losened from the top of the case in the transport. The handle is supposed to sit tight in the top of the case and not driffting around in the case losely.

So if the handle was not put together and lying lose in the case I think you should go back and complain. At least in my case the handle was a " 1 piece" and attached to the top of the case so I had no marks on the drill.

Anyway congrats to the purchase of a really good drill. Must say I´m amazed by the performance and feel to it.

Never had or tried any better than this one.

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