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DCD760K and DC720KA whats the main difference?


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Is the DCD760K the same drill as the  DC720KA minus the battery and obviously the smaller battery base?  My curiosity lies in the Rating of Power such as the 720 delivers 410 UWO of power (with the DC9099 batt 1.7Ah) and the DCD760K delivers 350 UWO (Comp Li-Ion 1.1Ah).  I am assuming the difference here is the battery Li-Ion vs NiCd.  So simply added a 18 volt either XRP DC9069 NiCd or the DC9099 (standard NiCd 1.7 Ah battery on the DC720KA) would make the DCD760K basically identical to the DC720KA UWO?  Correct me if I am wrong.  I would assuming this would add better power to my usage of 2" hole saw cutting...I can stop just about ever drill I have used to date for this use that is cordless.  However I have not used a DC720KA or had a NiCd 18v on my DCD760K.  Let me know what you think.  Hope I am not getting to technical but this is a problem.  And a corded drill is not an option.  I like having the small size of the 760 (plus it has higher RPM then a Makita so it does drill smaller holes faster, not to mention it is built like a TANK) however I need something that is small and can drill 2" holes in wood (Laminated) countertops without stopping or choking the drill to death in the process.  My hope is adding a NiCd to the DCD760K will give it the power as the DC720KA and will not choke the drill like it seems to do with the Li-Ion battery on. 

Oh and one note does the NiCd, because it ups the UWO, add more torque to the drill than the Li-Ion?  I have seen so many test videos here with other drills vs the 720KA where the 720KA drive bolt were others have failed or stopped.  Such as the Bosch 36618-02 and the Makita BDF452HW...why is that, is it the battery, the torque?  More so looking to find out if my DCD760KA can beat the Makita in Torque if I can add the 18 NiCd XRP or DC9099 NiCd to it.  Obvious runtime is better but will torque and power be there as well?

Sorry for all the technical question but I figure JC is the man to ask.    Thanks guys for your help!!!

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Don't hold me to the fire, but my definitive answer would be yes. The DCD760 is the same drill as the DC720. (minus the base) UWO is the "efficiency of the entire drill system (transmission, clutch, and chuck)". When you lower the discharge current your lowering the amount of amps that can get to the drill under heavy loads. Therefore lowering the UWO. The Compact lithium ion battery DC9181 has a lower energy density, and a lower discharge current than the DC9096 NiCd battery, and the DC9180 Lithium battery.

As far as the testing goes, The DC720 outperforms simply because of superior engineering. 

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