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28v Li-Ion tools being discontinued?


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First post on here, so firstly hi everyone.

I bought a DC910K 28v Li-Ion drill recently and as am really impressed with it, I've started to buy the other tools in the 28v range as naked, but it looks like they're being discontinued.  I can still find them at the moment, but the drill is now gone, and even the batteries are discontinued on the UK DeWalt site:


I'm a little concerned that I'm going to build up a collection of tools that a) i can't get replacement batteries for and B) more worryingly, if i drop and break the charger (or if it just packs up) i'm going to be completely stuck..

Anyone know what's going on with this?  Did they just sell badly? Are they likely to be re-released?  It's one thing to kill off production of a tool, but to kill off support by discontinuing the batteries etc at the same time seems nuts to me!



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Ok, update on this....

contacted dewalt.

looks like they've not discontinued the batteries - just given it a different product code (DE9280), which isn't on the UK site yet, but guess the site is just behind.

The 36v and 28v Li-Ion use the same charger so no issue there.

Dunno if the drill is really discontinued or just getting a new code, but personally not bothered - either way, panic over and i can continue buying 28v naked tools  ;D

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