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High-end drills?


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  I've been looking at a few of these "high-end" drills and wondering what could be so different that their cost is almost double most professional brands.  namely Festool, and Snap On



  Just thought I'd throw that out there.  Maybe they're just more "specialized" than other drills

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Why are mac computers more expensive than a pc? are they any better? No, but I guess festtool somehow have managed to make a name so people think they are something extra. I´m not sure however how much beating they can take on the construction site with all that fancy stuff.

This talk about brushless motors for longer runtime between service I do not understand. I don´t know about you guys but I´ve never ever had to change the brushes on a tool.

Maybee a festool owner have something to say about their tools, good or bad.

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Personally I dont get it either,  By the way I bleed Festool Green  :),  See my posts under charimon at



and my http://www.youtube.com/user/mintfreshman?feature=mhw5

If you don't believe me.

over the years I have run 9.6 Stick Mak's 12 then 14V Mak 

15.6 Panisonic

now i use 10.8 Mak drill/impact combo 90%  and an 18 DW  DC 988 for larger drilling.

Festool is a Cult.  Their products are Superior in 1) Inovation 2)Design 3)Execution.  The corded tools work as a SYSTEM and are more productive because of it.  It is this Very reason that I have Moved to DW for cordless the usefulness of the DW Cordless System is Very like the Festool Corded (everythig works together)

Back on task Is the 15 lion Festool better Quanitativly yes.  Is it worth the extra $$$$  for me NO.

Festool really pushes the buyer to try it for 30 days and return it if the buyer has any misgivings (I know the return policy is 90 for Mil and DW and also 30 for Mak, but this is an actual post from the president  of Festool USA

" It is Shane or me walking into Brian's training room with the camera, filming what he does, and then putting it on Youtube. You might notice that most of the videos are not edited.

Holzhacker, don't trust the video. Try the tool and see if it works for you. If not, return it.


Thread:  http://festoolownersgroup.com/festool-tools-accessories/sanding-to-a-scribe-line-with-the-ras-115-sander/msg92823/#msg92823

So i guess if you are curious put it on a card, test it hard and return it before the billing cycle if it is not worth it.

Oh and post the Results :D


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Well, there is one thing that I think is very usefull on the festool drill and that is the special chuck, so you can drill or drive fastners in 90 degres angle. Very usefull if the drill is to long to get in right position to do the work.

Anyone who knows if it is possible to buy such chucks for dewalt drills? I´ve looked at the dewalt homepage but can not find such thing.

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