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DP3100 pressure washer stops running...


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I have a two year old DP3100 that suddenly quits running under load.  It worked fine last week when I cleaned a 20' x 40' pool cover.  I have it connected to a city water supply with a 5/8" hose at at least 40 psi.  It will run fine for a few minutes or less and then the engine shuts down.  It starts normally, but quits running after it warms up.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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I believe that model has a low oil level sensor that will shut down the motor. Try checking your oil level. If that does not work, you may have a fuel supply issue.

Good Catch!  Thanks JC!

The operative word here is RTFM (Read The Freaking Manual).  I gagged this problem on two fronts.

1.  I had forgotten about the "Oil Alert" feature of the engine as detailed in the Honda manual that came with the unit.

2.  I also was checking the oil level incorrectly.  I was reading the dipstick with the plug screwed all the way in.  The manual clearly states to check the oil level by butting the plug up to the opening.  I always check the oil level in all of my gas powered tools prior to using them, but I was always getting a reading that was falsely too high on this one. 

I filled the crankcase to the proper level and the unit runs as it should. 

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I just purchased this pressure washer at my local Home Depot. All of my research lead me to the same conclusion - a Honda GX engine and a Cat pump. The display model at Home Depot had just that. It was on sale or $100 off and I even signed up for a Home Depot charge and saved another 10%. I was so happy with my great deal --- then I got home and opened the box. What struck me right away was a black plastic cover over the pump.

I removed the cover to discover some rinky-dink, non lubricated (no oil reservoir) made in Taiwan pump. I was not pleased with this discovery. After a little research I found a press release from DeWalt on their new line of pressure washers and the 3100 has a "maintenance free" 500 hour pump.

This is supposed to be a commercial grade pressure washer and it seems to me that it is geared toward the big box stores as a Harry Homeowner special. I think DeWalt is putting profits ahead of quality in this one. Needless to say I returned it, never used it and I'll find something else that meets my requirements.

To give Home Depot credit, they opened every box trying to find one with a Cat pump, but no luck; They were willing to sell the display model but could not find the missing pieces.

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Yes the DP3100 comes with the either a CAT pump, or a Dewalt maintenance free pump... Most likely a IC2 style pump.

Home Depot often put's up new model displays before they sell through old stock, or the other way around. Either way, both pump's are built for commercial use, and should give you year's of trouble free use IF maintained properly.

If you are hung up on having the CAT pump, look for Model DPD3100IC.

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