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I'm pretty sure it's a different battery system, though i don't own one so i can't comment.  I thought the same thing last year when I was in the market, but I couldn't wait forever so i ended up picking up a Worx 18v trimmer.  It's been awesome, so I'd recommend it.  Maybe someday dewalt will make one.

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Would you happen to know which model number it is?

It will be very helpful to use my existing DeWalt batteries.

Hi I'm new here and I love bringing up dead posts...

I bought a generic grass trimmer from Lowes, an 18v model, and re-purposed the battery case to hold a Dewalt battery.  A buddy of mine had a broken Dewalt drill, so I basically cut off the female end of the drill where the battery plugs in and epoxied it to the male end of the el-cheapo battery casing.

Now I can use my Li-Ion batteries in it and it works like a dream!

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I bought a Ryobi cordless trimmer off of ebay, and fount it almost perfect for converting for using the 18 volt DeWalt batteries. The only extra items I needed were a switch from a dead DeWalt device (to pirate the battery contacts at the bottom of the switch) and some two part epoxy to glue the contacts into place inside the handle of the Ryobi. The battery slides in perfectly. The only other thing I had to 'rig' was a method of holding the battery in. I used a Velco strip, wrapped around the battery. Works like a charm. Oh yes, of course I wired it incorrectly at first, and the trimmer ran backwards. Murphy's Law... yada.

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