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Help with DW680 planer


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Hi Guys,

I got one of these recently and i don't think it's calibrated properly...

It has a "Calibrated Depth Adjustment Knob for accurate depth setting and eliminating the need to re-zero your depth"

but set at zero, it takes a cut all along the length of a board and i'm getting a slight arc - the end are probably 1/32 lower than the center on a 18 inch board.

Would have though that at 0 it would be only skimming off bumps and i'd get a perfectly flat cut...?  Surely i can't be that bad at using it - can i??

So questions; is it likely it's calibrated wrong, or am i doing something wrong?

Can i re-calibrate it?  I can't find anything in the manual..

Many Thanks!

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Am I reading your post correctly ... on an 18" board the planer is taking off more in the front and at the back of the board? ...

There is something called "snipe" on pretty much all planers. This is where the last couple of inches or so of the board are shaved off a bit deeper than the rest. This is normally a function of the last rollers releasing the wood and the slight up movement allows the cutting heads to cut a bit deeper.

Is it snipe you are encountering ??


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