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Angle Grinder - Difference between Type 1 and Type 27 wheels??


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I have a Dewalt D28402 Angle Grinder.  It comes with a Type 27 Guard and a Type 27 Grinding Wheel.  I also purchased a Type 27 cut-off wheel for it.    I noticed in the manual it says you can purchase a Type 1 Guard for use with Type 1 wheels.  My question is - what is the point?  Is there a benefit to Type 1 over Type 27 wheels?  Thanks.

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Type 1 wheels are designed for cutting. Type 27 wheels are made for blending in, and grinding corners and flat surfaces.

Being that type 27 wheels have depressed centers, you need a deeper guard. If you use a type 27 guard and a type 1 wheel, you run the risk of greater exposure to harm in the event the wheel shatters.

Can you use Type 1 wheels with a type 27 guard.... sure.

So the next question would be. Where do I get this wheel?

You can order it directly from Dewaltservicenet.com or a number of online replacement part dealers.

Part number is 643772-00.

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