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Best Cordless Circular Saw


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Having a hard time choosing the best cordless circular saw. Where I live no stores have any of the saws on display to get a feel for them. Reading the internet the Makita BSS610 seems to rate very high. Looking here hoping someone can offer some hands on experience.

The DeWalt Dc390 does seem to have several mixed reviews.

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I think they are both great saws. I think Makita is a little underpowered. However it offers a LED light, and it operates quieter and smoother than the Dewalt.

I like the Dewalt because it's got a lot of power, better balanced to my personal style of use, and I can use my old NiCd's and my new Lithium batteries with it.

When buying a cordless tool, you really need to look at the whole line up. You never know what cordless tool your going to want next. Dewalt has a great line up of cordless tools, and they have not changed the battery platform since the late 90's. There is comfort knowing that my investment today, won't bite me later when the next great battery arrives!

Had you invested in Makita's NiCd/NiMH batteries, you would have lost that investment when they launched their lithium platform in 2005. No it does not fit.... :)

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The DC390 is the most powerful 18v circular saw I have used.  Cuts 3/4" x 4' x 8' particle board with white plastic laminant (for desk/table tops) with no problems.  I cut it going down long ways (8' length) and the only problem is the battery starts to die towards the end of the cut.  I have used several others, cant remember the brands, but the Dewalt saws do have the most power.  I think the reviewers tend to be more concerned about size, weight, color, blah blah...  All that is fine, but in construction I am more concerned about power and battery run time.  The worst cordless circular saw I have used: The Black & Decker VersaPak (Model # VP600).

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