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Bosch Axial Glide 12" Miter Saw GCM12SD


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It's a pretty neat, something new is always exciting... Pretty expensive, just did a online search and it retails for $799+. Here are a couple other things I noticed.

I don't like how they used the Older Dewalt DW708 to compare tool "depth" the DW718's rails are shorter.

The DW718 still has a larger cut capacity: 16" Horizontal vs Bosch at 14" and 6 5/8" crown veritcally nested vs Bosch at 6 1/2".

DW718 weighs 53lbs. VS Bosch at 65lbs

They also mention the reason for the Axial-Glide is because you get "rail deteriation" I haven't heard that being an issue in the field? I could be wrong?

I do like the front controls for bevel adjustments and the side rails for material support. But is it worth the extra $200 vs the DW718 $599 price tag?

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