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Temperature effects on Dewalt batteries


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What is the effect of extreme hot and extreme cold on DEWALT batteries?

Dewalt recommend's charging batteries between 40 and 105 degrees farenheight. Attempting to charge batteries outside this range can result in a permanent loss of runtime.

When batteries are being charged and discharged a chemical reaction is taking place, and if it is too hot or cold the chemical reaction is disturbed causing a loss of runtime.

Once a battery is "warmed up" (i.e. the internal cells are in the recommended operating zone) the battery should perform regardless of the outside temperature. Once they are outside of the zone, you will see decreased performance.

Dewalt recommend's when using the battery in cold climates to put the battery on charge first or do a couple quick applications to get it warmed up.  For optimum performance, do not store batteries in areas where the temperature drops below 40 degrees Farenheit.

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