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Dewalt DC9180 DC9181 Battery Shut Down


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The DC9180 DC9181 battery got warm and won't work in my tool any longer. What do I do now?

The DC9180 have electronics in them that are designed to shut the battery down if it gets too warm. Once this occurs, the battery will not work in any tool until it is put back into the DC9310 charger, this will then reset the electronics in the battery.

The battery is designed this way to protect the cells in the battery pack and results in a battery that will last far longer than a NICAD battery pack.

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If lithium cells get too hot it can cause internal short and shorten the life cycle, this is problematic regardless of cell chemistry.  The electronics in the DeWalt lithium battery packs monitors cell temperatures and if it gets too hot the electronics will shut the battery off until the cell temp lowers to normal operating range.

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