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Question regarding the DCK245X


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Hi JC and forum dwellers,

I just purchased a kit for my son (DCK245X) that has the DCD951 and the DC825 impact driver. They have the 18V XRP batteries, not sure battery part number(haven't opened it...it is a gift!). I read many good things about the 951 and 825 and was satisfied with my purchase (paid $279 for this kit...in Canada). Then I found out they aren't lithium, not even metalhyd, just nicads.

I was convinced to return them and find something more "newer technology". Lately I have been reading many of your tests, and I guess you have just a bit of abias for Dewalt, and although the tests are impressive, not sure how important they are on real world tool applications, even by contractors standards....nobody needs to drill that many 2 1/2 inch in that short a time...but still impressive.

On another post you mentioned how Dewalt's Nano tech batteries are superior to lithium. First do you know which batteries are part of this kit, are they the nano? Maybe a stupid question to ask you as I am pretty sure the answer, but what the heck...would you keep this kit or go with a lithium kit by Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee..etc?

Assuming you would suggest sticking with the Dewalt, there is a place that has a holiday special on the  DCK440X for $349 cdn, also has 18v XRP, are these nano (or the same as in my kit?). I was considering maybe getting this for my son and get him an 825 or 827 bare tool also and he would be all set. Iwant to get him a good kit that will last and be problem free for years, and of course be able to do the job. Anyone's opinions would be appreciated.

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Nano Phosphate is a type of Lithium chemistry that is regarded as the best type on the market. So yes you could go and buy a competitors lithium tool/battery, but their lithium won't last compared to Dewalt's Nano Phosphate XRP battteries. I believe this is the kit you are looking for:


It has the Nano Phosphate Lithium Batteries and the newer DCD950/970 Hammerdrill, with the same DC825/827 Impact Driver.

To answer your question about the DCK440X, it comes with NiCad Batteries (same as in the DCK245X

Lithium is the "newer technology" but NiCad isn't something Dewalt will be going away from any time soon. It is way more affordable to their customers, you can find 2 XRP NiCad batteries for $99-$119 at the big boxes where 1 XRP Lithium (or Nano) battery usually retails for around $130. Both are good batteries.

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I would strongly recomend keeping the kit you have as well.  One reason is that as you said, the tools that you got are excellent models.  The dc825 is (in my opinion and field use) the strongest impact driver on the market.  The DC951 is essentially a dc988 with the updated footprint, which is in my opinion one of the two best 18v drills ever made.  I have had a dc988 for 6 years that was used and abused while I was a contractor.  It has performed flawlessly and worked hard day in and day out for me without fail.  After litteraly hundreds of hours of use, I would still put it up against any competitors biggest/baddest/newest drills.

As far as batteries go, nickel cadmium is actually newer technology than nickel-metal hydride.  Ni-cad is still a great technology, and there are a lot of benefits to using it.  First, as JC said, it is quite a bit more affordable.  Second (and most important to me) is that is will actually handle extreme temperatures and overworking better than lithium ion batteries will.  And lastly, if you look at cycle life, the DeWalt 18v XRP nicad is an 800+ cycle battery, which is more than any competitors newest lithium batteries.  (that is based on published independant testing, not advertised cycle life numbers). 

All that to say that you picked out a great kit, especially at the price that you picked it up for.  It is priced at $299 at home Depot right now, which is down from around $360.

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