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D55150, 4 gallon air compressor problem


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It's an older model I'm not familiar with. Here are a few suggestions;

See if their is a resetable fuse near the pressure switch.

Check your panel and make sure you didn't pop a breaker.

If the tank is full of pressure, it won't turn on, try draining some air out of it.

If none of those work, you may have to have it looked at?

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This is an old thread but here goes...  I have exectly the same problem..  Unit was working fine.  I was going on vacation so I unplugged it (something I rarely do) and when I plugged it back in and turned it on... nothing.  My motor reset switch seems slightly different from in the manual; it appears to be a bolt with a number on it and the inner part of the bolt head is loose and giggles.  But it does not go in/out.  Obviously, giggling it does no good.  Power to chord is fine.


How can simply unplugging this and leaving it for a month cause failure?  Any suggestions?  Thanks

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Oh my goodness... DeWalt just went from the tool about to be kicked through the goal post of life to THE GREATEST TOOL ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!!


I would never have guessed that this tank would hold full pressure for over 8 weeks.  But it did!!  All I had to do was blow some crud out of a stuck fitting (releasing some of the tank pressure) and the motor roared to life...  definitely my bad...


I hate to admit it but at my late state of life, MOST things are my bad... :-(

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