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DC9181 Failure


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I purchased a Dewalt tool kit in October 2010 that has a DCD760 drill, DCF826 impact, DC9310 charger, and two(2) DC9181 batteries. I followed initial charge instructions. Rechargeables aren't new to me, I've used them for many years and understand proper care and feeding. One of the batteries is functioning fine. The second battery has failed with less than 20 cycles on it. Put it on charger and charger blinks rapidly indicating a bad battery. Battery is cool and has had an easy life thus far. Is this a known issue? I bought kit at my local Home Depot but can't locate my receipt. I notice the battery has a bar code on it. Is this a serial # that might indicate manufacture date so I can attempt warranty claim? I certainly hope this isn't indicative of things to come with these batteries because I love this tool kit otherwise.

Bar code is UOA1578M8191S5 if anyone knows wether  this contains a date code.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Also, if it helps, I forgot to mention that when I put the battery in the charger, I notice the light always blinks 6 times at the normal "pack charging" rate then starts blinking rapidly at the "replace pack" rate.

The 6-8 blinks is the normal communication with the battery and charger, if everything goes well the charger will start it's charge cycle, if not then it blinks rapidly to indicate a bad pack.

You can take the pack to a service center to get a replacement, but i am curious about the low charge cycle and it might be an internal issue so it you want you can send it to me and i can get you a replacement....

FYI.... The serial number has all the info about production date code, location, and cells.

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