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Dewalt DCD960KL Question


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Sorry your correct, I got the models mixed up in my head, I had the DCD760's bigger brother in mind. The DCD775.

You have to plug a bunch of questions into your needs?

What are your daily usages going to be?



Once you have a good idea of what your needs are, then you can best determine which drill will fill your needs. This might help.



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JC, Thanks for the great reply.

I think I'll just go with the 960 for the extra money.

I was trying the 760 at Home Depot and I noticed a Metal Grinding noise when letting off the trigger from high speeds.

Is this noise normal?

Thanks Again..

Why does the 960 have a slower charger?

Also is the DCD970KL better with the hammer then just the drill/driver?

The 970 is cheaper and looks like the same drill.

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Most Dewalt 18v Drills have a electric brake. That's most likely what your hearing. The DCD970 is the DCD960 with a hammer function. I'm not sure where you found the DCD960 for more than the DCD970, that should not be the case. If you think you will use the hammer function... then I'd go for the DCD970 especially if your getting it for less.  ::)

The charging takes longer because it's twice the size. DC9180 has double the cells over the DC9181 battery.

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