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Question about storing Drill/Driver like the DC760


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Just curious if the clutch setting should be left on the lowest setting or maybe kept in the drill mod when it's stored for long periods. I have no idea how this clutch feature is designed and how it works and remember reading that a torque wrench should always be stored on 0. I know the drill/driver is not a torque wrench but it does work a little similar to the way a torque wrench does in respect that it will release torque when it reaches it's set point and is consistant on the set setting. A torque wrench looses torque accuracy if stored on higher settings for long periods because the spring inside is like any spring and loose it's temper from being compressed. They need to be re calibrated every so often to compensate for spring fatigue. Not sure if the clutch in the drill/driver has anything to do with springs or if it's design works close to a torque wrench's.

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