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Uncle Sam is buying me some tools


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Hi folks, new kid on the block here. Ok, here is my question....I have been researching the sliding compound mitersaws and have narrowed my search down to the DW717 and the DW718 now aside from one being a 10" and the other being a 12" inch is there any big difference? I know that when I tell you that I am going to be using it to cut urns, and chessboards and moldings and trims as a hobbiest not as a contracter you will be screaming why so much saw? I want something that I can just go straight to get the cuts that I want and not worry about remarking and flipping boards and thing like that. It has been my experience that you get what you pay for....well I have the chance to get an excellent saw (even got the wife on board LOL) so this is the saw that I am looking at. I dont see much difference between the two, what has experience told you?

Also I have a dewalt palm sander that spun a bearing at Christmas time is it worth opening up and replaceing parts or should I just buy another one?

Thanks for the advice, awesome site


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All your gaining is cutting capacity. You have to evaluate what your going to cut the most, and if you have a need for the additional cutting capacity.

As far as your sander is concerned. I'd probably just have it repaired at your Dewalt service center. That's one thing I wouldn't mess around with.


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Personally I would get the 12 inch. (oh wait, I already did!).  My thinking has always been to buy what will do everything you my need, not what you will need most of the time.  Even if 99% of the time you do not use the full capacity of the dw718, that 1% of the time that you do, that extra capacity will be worth it's weight in gold.

That being said, there is an obvious reason that both saws are made, and that is because there are people for whom each saw is their best option.  So as everyone else has said, get the one that makes the most sense for you, but keep in mind that as you stated, you have the oppertunity invest in a high dollar tool, so get the one that will do everything you want to throw at it, and make you happiest in the long run (whichever model that may be). 

Have fun with whichever saw you choose!  Both are excellent tools.  I have had my 718 for 6 years now and used it for four of those years as a full time carpenter.  It has cut thousands of boards, from 6x8's to 2x12's, to trim and aluminum, all without so much as a hichup.  It even fell out of my truck while I was driving down the road.  It took a few minutes to square it back up, but aside from a few scratches, it is none the worse for wear!


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