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Dewalt 12v Max


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i'm a big dewalt fan, but i think this 12v max is....too little, too late. 

when you compare the 12v max drill and impact driver to the compact 18v makitas, i have a hard time choosing the dewalt 12v max.  the makitas have a lot more power/torque, have the light that stays on when you release the trigger, charges batteries in 15 min, and are really not that much bigger than the 12v max. 

home depot sells the makita drill/impact combo with flashlight and 2 batteries for 229, just 30 dollars more than the dewalt combo which doesnt have a light.

am i the only one that feels this way?

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I do not agree. Personally I think you should have two drills. One small and one big. I´m using my DCF610 for light work like attaching outlets, light switches and small screws. For heavy duty work like drilling with spadebits, augerbits, holesaws and big lags I´m using my DCD960 heavy duty drill.

I´ve never understood the point with a compact drill. To weak for real heavy duty work and to big for very light work. In my world they are useless and a compromise for "home fixers" or what you call it in english. Not for construction site. And the difference between the 12 v max and makita compact is big. But I would never buy the DCD710. Same there, can not see the point with a weak drill. Much better to buy the DCF610 with snap on for the bits and when I need to drill I go for the DCD960. If I need to drill in concrete I go for my DC213. Same there, the hammer function on the drill/screwdrivers are not for profesional work.

But if you are only going for one machine, go for a heavy duty machine. That one can do all kinds of work from light to heavy work. And if it is to big and heavy for you,maybee you might think about a another kind of work, maybee behind a desk.

This is my thoughts.

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