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dw745 table saw arbor problems.


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is dewalt aware, or have they done anything about the arbor issue with the dw745 saw?  many have had issues with the blade sitting on the threads of the arbor shaft, and have a loose tolerance.

shouldnt the arbor shaft have a smooth spot for the blade to sit on?

here's a thread where some are having issues.


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If you read below in your link, their seems to be a lot more people without a problem, then the ones with one. If a tool work's properly you won't hear anything about it. If one gives so much as a sneeze, your going to hear about it. DEWALT sells an awful lot of these saw's and to only hear a handful of complaints when hundreds of thousands are sold every year worldwide is no reason for a red herring alert. Manufacturing hick-ups happen all the time, that's why warranties are in place. If you have an issue with the saw, return it, or simply have it repaired at no cost if it's still within the warranty period.

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