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Differences between Dewalt Impact Drivers


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Can someone help me understand the differences between the DW056 and the newer dc825 impact drivers?  All I can find anywhere is that there were "improvements".

The DW056 can be had for significantly less than the newer models. Bottom line is will I regret not spending the extra $150+ to get the DC825 over the DW056? Or would that $150 be better served towards other tool purchases?

This purchase would not be for professional use. Its for my own personal use - home renos: decks, sheds, some framing etc.


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They are both excellent impact drivers.  The DC056 is the previous model, and as such will not have some "newer" features.  The DCD825 is significantly smaller, as it has DeWalts new caseless motor, where the motor is not cased in a metal shroud.  This makes the overall housing smaller, the tool slightly lighter, and most importantly, helps the tool to run cooler and dissipate heat faster, leading to longer tool life and longer run time per charge.  Other than that, you get a little more comfortable handle and the LED light in the 825, and slightly more power. 

All those things sound like a lot, but they are both really great tools.  I own them both, and used the 056 for years as a contractor, building tons of decks, hanging countless windows, doors, etc without a problem.  I used it for 5 years every week day, putting in thousands of screws before I had it serviced.  The 825 has some nice upgrades, so if they sound like things that you would like to have, then spend the money.  If you don't care, than I would get the 056 and maybe a couple of extra batteries, or another bare tool, etc.

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