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Happy Day just ordered a 36v Impact Wrench


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Normally I wouldn't post this but I guess I am pretty excited.  My original 2 36V batteries are near deaths door, one of them just flashed bad on both chargers this last weekend and the other seems to only be able to hold enough charge to run the drill and saws-all, the circular saw can cut about 12-18 inches on a full charge and its juiced out.  I was looking for new batteries and they were in the 150 ball park so I was looking at a 300 dollar expenditure.  My father had told me how much he loved the 18v impact wrench.  I decided to look at see how much a DC800KL (Impact Wrench, 2 batteries, charger, and case) was, amazon had one left in stock sold by TwinBargains  for 419.99.  That seemed like a really amazing deal since google shopping was coming in closer the the 475+ range.  I purchased it and sent the link to my dad telling him what a great deal I got and he wrote back that it is now 473.64.

I took a look and sure enough it is, and its no longer sold by twinbarggins, its now sold by amazon and there are 10 left in stock.  Any of you ever seen this, happen at amazon before?


Anyhow now I wait...eagerly for my new toy...i mean tool.

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Holy crap. Not even $500 for a DC800 36 impact wrench set?

I've looked at it countless times but here such a set costs between $1150,00 and $1280,00.

A replacement battery (36v) is about $ 375-390 here. That is just 1 battery!

However, I am now looking at the DC901 drill/driver. My DC927 drill/driver 18v batteries are dead. Well, one is and the other is nearly dead. Now I'm in doubt. I like the 18v and a new set costs just a little more than buying 2 new batteries. So will I go for the newer DCD920/925 or wait till the new 20v max line launches, which I think will have a drill/driver for sure at launch since it's such a common tool. (see 12v max launch), or will I go for the 36v model. I got the 36v hammer and love it. Extra power for the drill/driver would be great. However, someone said there would be updates to the 36v line this year. So maybe it's better to wait....

Choices, choices....

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