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Definitely getting the tape measure. So annoying when measuring long items and the hook slips off.

The vicious cycle - "hook - extend - slips off - retract".

I kind of like the clasp on the long tape.  I imagine the markings on the tape take the length of the clasp into account and must must start around 2" or so?

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Oooooh!!!! What a sweet collection of tool porn! Thank you! That Tape Measure side by side really shows why I will have to go buy the Dewalt. Great work. Love this site!

not to rain on your parade, but the dewalt tapes are rebranded stanley fatmax and fatmax xtreme.  same as the rebranded bostich tapes that stanley put out.  and these have been out for a while now.

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The DeWALT tape is pretty similar to the Bostitch tape.  The biggest differences are that the DeWALT has a more robust exterior (more rubber padding, and the name plate adds extra strength and rigidity).  At the end of the day, how much more can you to do a tape before the changes become redundant and excessive.  the fat max, bostitch, and DeWALT tapes are all excellent designs, so there really just isn't too much left to change (plus, the more you do to it, the more expensive it gets!).  All of those tapes are good tools though, so you can't go wrong.

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