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Dewalt level puzzle


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It is a puzzle to me because I have relatively little experience with levels and this is my first 6ft level.

I have a new dlx10.72 level but if my expectations are correct I am disappointed.  

-The center vial is on axis in one direction but very noticeably off axis in the other.  So it is true when upright and level but when pivoted to the side the vial reads off in one direction or the other.  maybe the level is bent but how am I to know?

-The above being said there is no way this level is reading anything close to true when laid flat on its side.  It is more than an 8th of the bubble off, closer to a 5th off.

-that center x-brace protrudes from the chasis enough (and unevenly so) so putting in on a wall to draw a horizontal line....well you get the picture.  Every box level I have used lays flat on all 4 sides.

-less of a problem...it is not really 72" leveling, it is 69" with 3" for the end bumpers.  maybe 6 foot is the magic number for squeezing it into spots and I think I prefer bumpers than dinging the unit.

Can someone educate me a bit to validate or invalidate my concerns?



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