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New charger wont fit in old drill case


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Bought my first 'real' cordless drill approx 10 years ago.  Its a DC759KA compact 18v drill kit.  I'm still using XRP NiCads.  The origional black charger (DW9116) just crapped out.  The old style charger is now discontinued, so I bought another new yellow charger (DC9310) to go in the kit.  The new charger has a little bigger footprint & wont fit in the case.  I can buy a new old-style charger on ebay for approx $30, but I dont want to invest in the old technology.  This is a very minor deal, but in my line of work I need to keep everything together to keep it from getting damaged & lost.


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Thanks for answers.  I wonder if a DC759 would fit nicely in a  DCD760 case, since the 759 is approx 1" longer.  I was thinking about taking a die grinder to grind away the walls/dividers inside the case.  But I decided to try placing the new charger in different positions and I did find a way to make it fit without any modifications.  Having the case open with the handle facing me (normal open position), I place the new charger in the old charger spot but I put it upside down with front decal/sticker facing the handle side.  Cord still stores in front of drill chuck.  Its not a perfect solid fit like the old charger, but it works.  Case closes all the way.  Still room for drill & 2 full sized yellow top XRP Ni Cads.


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