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Convert DW056 to DW057


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So I have two DW056 impact drivers (1/4" hex).  The discontinued DW057 is an impact wrench (1/2" drive).  I am contemplating converting one of my DW056's into a DW057.

I was on the Dewalt website and looked at the exploded diagrams and parts lists of the DW056 and DW057.  Looks like it is just the anvil that is different.

I know that the torque would be considerably lower than a DC820, DC821, or DC822.

Any thoughts?  Anyone with experience on this?

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I did a conversion of a 14.4v  DW054 with the collet. In looking through the Dewalt pics I found they had a 12v 3'8" square drive with a hog ring retention for socket. All the other pieces including the nose were the same number. 14 bucks later I had a 3/8" impact as they did not have one at the time. The 14.4V 1/2" DW055 uses  a different nose piece and was not a good candidate.

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Deedub35:  If your looking for a diagram for your DW057 and DW056, I can help you out there.

Here is the link to a DW057 diagram.  http://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-dw057-type-18v-cordless-impact-wrench-parts-c-1009_2333_2844.html

Here is a link to the DW056  http://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-dw056-type-18v-cordless-impact-driver-parts-c-1009_9591_2845.html

Here is the link to the home page to this site  I am listing for you.  http://www.ereplacementparts.com/

What's really great about this site is not only does this show you the only manufacturer diagram, this goes into exceptionally great detail and you can even buy parts as well. 

I'd like to be able to provide more help, but this is the best I can do as  I've never even used either drill before.  Hope I helped.

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I guess I kind of fall in to this topic. My Father-in-law recently bought a collection of Dewalt stuff at a garage sale and he gave me an impact driver. The label on the handle is DW056, but it has a 1/2" drive on it. Any way I can convert it back to the stock chuck so I can use regular screwdriver bits or am I better off just sticking to some 1/2" drive screwdriver bits like these?


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You could use those and it would be fine.  OR You could convert it back, but price of parts to do so wouldn't make sense.  If you do want a correct dw056 you could possibly find a housing cone and anvil to switch it back on ebay for maybe $30.  Or just buy another impact off there and sell that one you have. 

Inside motor/mechanics of the 056/057 are the same so there is no difference in power between them.

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Don't use the driver sockets you showed in the picture with an impact wrench. Chrome does not withstand the shock of the impact tool and will start to flake off pretty quickly. Flaking chrome will slice you up worse than a paper cut and since it will probably be on the dirty side, the chance of infection is pretty good.

Yea, I was reading up about that too, so I scratched those off my list. However, I did find this on ebay.


This should do the trick no?

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I tried to post a pic but it won't let me.  Something about the folder being full.

Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I will forward you a picture.

I went to add a photo to the Gallery and had no issue's? Is that where you tried to upload to? You can also post in picture links from other internet sources.

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