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Orbital Sander Issue


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Bit of an old post, but I had a similar issue with their orbital sander, model D26453.  List of symptoms in order of appearance

- Not starting; would have to flip the switch a few times

- Slow starting; would take a few second to ramp up to normal speed

- Not starting unless machine was shaken

- Loss of power while using; would improve if pressure applied to motor housing

- Finally it was 'dead'

This all happened in the span of 2 weeks.

I pulled the brushes, they were not excessively worn but one brush had a significant layer of carbon.  The armature where the brushes contact was also covered in a layer of carbon.  A bit of rubbing alcohol and superfine steel wool removed the carbon on the brushes and armature and the sander is now working fine.

I have used the sander less than 1 year so I was a bit surprised that it was so gunked up, but I have been using 320 grit paper for some projects and the inside of the sander was covered in superfine dust; I am thinking that may have been a significant contributing factor.

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So orbital sanders can  get clogged up.  I've only used a orbital sander several times before and I noticed with the orbital sander I was using (it was a friend's) it had a real issue of containing the occasional bit of dust,  but it was fixed with some masking tape.

Mind you,  from what I gathered, this sander is more than a decade, if not older, old.  I don't know the model number, but it was made by Dewalt. 

To be honest, I didn't know these sanders had brushes either, but remember, it wasn't mine, so it's not like I could take it apart and see. 

I wonder though, this may be slightly off topic and may be more of a question than anything, but does Dewalt even cordless orbital sanders?  Or does something like that not even exist?  I imagine there must be as if there are cordless drills, there must be cordless sanders.

If anyone has any information, boy would that be cool to hear. 

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