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LED's on drills.....like strobe lights! grrr!


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First post, kind of a rant but also a question about the tools coming in the future.  Anyhow, I like the LED lights that are on drills, but I dislike the fact that they don't stay on for any amount of time after releasing the trigger.  I'm mainly talking about my 12v max drills I've had for a few months.  After I first got them I was a little unsure about them, but I rarely use my older 18v XRP anymore.  Anyhow, I just don't understand how DeWalt could goof on the LED's.  I used a couple of other drills that had LED's that were out before 12v max that had this feature, I think the lights stayed on for at least 3-5 seconds if not more.  This is a terrific idea for those places you have little light to work with and it's inconvenient to have a flash light or anything.  I feel like I'm using a strobe light sometimes, and it's somewhat difficult to try and squeeze the trigger without the motor turning just for the light to come on.

Anyway....rant over...are the new 20v Max tools going to include a feature for the LED's to remain on for a set amount of time?  I really want to get some of the new 20v tools to replace some aging 18v XRP stuff....but honestly that little issue I have with the LED's could steer me elsewhere :(....

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Wow, I think it's pretty comical that Makita went so far to patent an LED light that has a delay....

Nevertheless, I'm glad the new tools will have the delay.  I'm probably going to buy the 20v max line to replace som aging 18v XRP stuff.  It'd be nice if the 12v max would get an update with this feature sometime down the road.  I would seriously sell my current 12v max kit just for a new kit with a delay.

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Well if this charger really happens, I will most likely keep all of my current 18v tools, and slowly trickle into the new line as well. This charger would certainly be useful in terms of packing around less chargers. Looks like this charger will do Dewalt 7.2v-18v Stem style batteries, and 12v max - 20v max slide packs. The slide just say's 18v, but I'm hoping that's just a typo.


Courtesy of COPTool.com

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